Welcome to my adventure - Series.


Some of the caches have German instruction.

Here is the translation for best success:

The best chronologiqual order is:

1), 2), 3), 4), 6), then 5).

Cache “1) Die alte Hängebrücke über dem Steinbruch“:
Take the way  on picket fence along to the place two meters befor the fence is ending. There is a "GC" sign on the fence.
The stone stage takes you to a small path to the suspension bridge. On the end of the bridge there is a small black rope with a red arrow on it. Pull the rope and the cache comes down. There is a carerbiner to fix the rope at the bridge...

Cache “2) Einbruch am Breitenbruch!!! „:
Use your  neck (or a second Person) and two small tools to open the safe…
Because of the tool-box was stolen two times it´s now hidden on a seperate place.
Please read the hint of the cache.

Cache “3) "Hin und Her" am Breitenbruch“:
First you have to find the cache box, there is a seat inside for the swing.
Also you can use the fridge with cool drinks and snacks, go towards the house, there is a tree with a beer glass hanging on it. There is the fridge. Don’t forget the code for the fridge inside the cache.

Cache “4) Mit der Seilbahn zum Cache ( mit TB-Hotel....)“:
Don’t forget to get the“ Zip Tool“ before you go to the cache – it`s the pulley with the seat. You found it into the fridge too.
You will find the code for the fridge in the cache - hint.
Attention: On the platform you must change the rope – use the downhill rope.

Cache “5) Der Cache mit dem Rohr --- und der Niete!“:
If you find the „dead loss“ (small note): The Hint on it is “look in area of 2 Meters (Not on the ground)”

Cache “6) Der Schaukelmeister-Bonus-Multi“
It`s a Multi with 6 Stations.
Station 1: You start at No. 3) with using the swing to read the coords up on the tree.
Station 2: Open the big “Nano” by using the screwdriver. Look at the photos inside how to close.
Station 3: Found a telephone-joker without noise- It tells you the next coords.
Station 4: Found a bucket and reach it – If it`s to high for you, use the small tool under the tree-slice!
Station 4: If you find the „dead loss“ (Note with round feed) : Grip in again..
Final: The last 8 meters the way is very small, but there is a railing….. When you pull the nail of the crank be careful – you have to slow down the crank!

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