Welcome to my adventure - Series.


Some of the caches have German instruction.

Here is the translation for best success:

The best chronologiqual order is:

1), 2), 3), 4), 6), then 5).

Cache “1) Die alte Hängebrücke über dem Steinbruch“:
Take the way  on picket fence along to the place two meters befor the fence is ending. There is a "GC" sign on the fence.
The stone stage takes you to a small path to the suspension bridge. On the end of the bridge there is a small black rope with a red arrow on it. Pull the rope and the cache comes down. There is a carerbiner to fix the rope at the bridge...

Cache “2) Einbruch am Breitenbruch!!! „:
Because of the tool-box was stolen two times it´s now hidden on a seperate place.
From the cache go downhill to the next bigger tree slightly left. There you will find the tool box.

Cache “3) "Hin und Her" am Breitenbruch“:
First you have to find the cache box at the coordinates, there is a seat inside for the swing.
Also you can use the fridge with cool drinks and snacks, go towards the house. The Code is forty seven eleven.
The swing had to be moved because of the bark beetle infestation. When you find the can and the swing seat, you need to walk 40 meters N/W (330°) with them.
There's the new swing.

Cache “4) Mit der Seilbahn zum Cache ( mit TB-Hotel....)“:
Don’t forget to get the“ Zip Tool“ before you go to the cache – it`s the pulley with the seat. You found it into the fridge too.
Attention: On the platform you must change the rope – use the downhill rope.

Cache “5) Der Cache mit dem Rohr --- und der Niete!“:
If you find the „dead loss“ (small note): The Hint on it is “look in area of 2 Meters (Not on the ground)”

Cache “6) Der Schaukelmeister-Bonus-Multi“
It`s a Multi with 6 Stations.
Station 1: You start at No. 3) with using the swing to read the coords up on the tree.
Station 2: Open the big “Nano” by using the screwdriver. Look at the photos inside how to close.
Station 3: Found a telephone-joker without noise- It tells you the next coords.
Station 4: Found a bucket and reach it – If it`s to high for you, use the small tool under the tree-slice!
Station 4: If you find the „dead loss“ (Note with round feed) : Grip in again..
Final: The last 8 meters the way is very small, but there is a railing….. When you pull the nail of the crank be careful – you have to slow down the crank!

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